[July 2010]

ZYKLON "The Storm Manifesto" CD-BOX, out July 2010.
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Zyklon call it the quits!

[January 2010]

After taking an offical break over two years ago, it has now become the reality that Zyklon is no longer a functional band, and thus the decision is made to formaly split up the band, instead of just letting it decend into nothingness.

As a final release from the band, Candlelight Records will later this year put out a boxset, entitled "The Storm Manifesto", including all three full-length albums with various bonus material.
Zyklon played its final show in Tokyo, Japan on the 28th of September 2007.

All members of Zyklon are still active on various fronts. Samoth is currently in the studio working on the debut album for his new project, The Wretched End. Destructhor is still touring with Morbid Angel, and is still planning to complete a new Myrkskog album with Secthdamon. Trym is mainly working in his tattoo shop, but is scheduled to appear in a new music project soon.


Zyklon statement

[October 2007]

Returning from Japan marks the end of Zyklon’s touring activities for “Disintegrate”. Japan is always an awesome experience. We had amazing crowds, hospitality and, of course, lots of sake. Looking back on the general touring activities for “Disintegrate”, we’ve seen many of the same clubs and people, but also some new places and a lot of new faces, which has been great. We made it back to the states, even if only for a one-off festival, we played the Roskilde festival, which was really cool opportunity for an extreme metal band like Zyklon, and we did a bunch of other European festivals, some smaller tours, etc. It’s been a good run, and a particularly interesting one as Trym, Secthdamon and myself have also done a bunch of big Emperor shows during the same timeline. There have been both pros and cons to that situation, but all in all it’s been very cool.
As for future plans, I guess one could say that it’s a bit “up in the air” at the moment. Looking back there have been ups and downs during the years with Zyklon. We’re not always an easy band to manage, as all members live in different cities and have multiple commitments on different fronts, thus it’s often hard for all the logistic and practical things to work. This situation has especially come more into focus in the last year or so, where it has become harder and harder to get the band together when needed, with the spirit and excitement that one expects from a band like this. Basically, I don’t feel that we as a band have the fire needed to start working on a new album right now. Therefore Zyklon are taking a break. This is a good time for us to do so. We have completed a good run of shows around the world for our latest album; we have completed all our contractual obligations with Candlelight Records (with success I must add, as Candlelight have treated us well, cheers mates!).
Also, the ‘terror-twins’, Destructhor and Secthdamon, have plans to go for it with Myrkskog, and will hopefully finally take the actions needed to complete their new, long-delayed, album. I truly hope they will, because this is the time to do it and I know the fans have been waiting for years, and judging from the pre-production material I have heard, it will be massive statement of intricate and brutal death metal. Trym is also working on a new album with his other band, Paganize, at the moment.
Personally, I have a bunch of material written and will keep on working on that over the winter, and basically take it from there. What the future will bring I cannot say at this point. All I know is that we’re all active musicians and have no intentions what so ever to stop our mission of METAL!!!
On other fronts, there are plans for an official Emperor DVD release. There’s a lot of cool material to be reviewed, mixed and edited. There are also things happening on my label, Nocturnal Art, this fall with new releases from Manngard, In Battle and Limbonic Art. Make sure you log into the official Nocturnal Art, Zyklon and Emperor Myspace profiles for updates.


Zyklon return to Japan
Zyklon is going back to Japan for another headline tour in September. The dates are as following:
25th Osaka Club Quattro
26th Nagoya Club Quattro
28th Tokyo Club Quattro

Zyklon has been confirmed for the Brutal Assault Festival, 11th of August, Czech Republic.

Zyklon confirmed for Roskilde and Metalheart
Zyklon has been confirmed for the Roskilde Festival, Denmark, 8th of July, and Metalheart Festival, Norway, 17th of August.


ZYKLON U.K. tour 2007
ZYKLON will team up with BLOOD TSUNAMI
(the Norway-based thrash metal band featuring drummer Bård G. Eithun, a.k.a. Faust; SCUM, ABORYM, ex-EMPEROR) and DEAD BEYOND BURIED for a U.K. tour in May. Confirmed dates are as follows:

May 08 - London Underworld
May 09 - The Academy Manchester
May 10 - Sheffield Corporation
May 11 - Glasgow Cathouse
May 12 - Leeds Rio's

Zyklon has been confirmed for the Inferno Festival, 5th of April, Oslo, Norway.

Trym has hooked up a deal with Trickdrums. Check out

Zyklon are confirmed for Kaltenbach Open Air 2007, Austria 13.-14. July 2007 and Metalmania Festival 2007, Poland, Katowice, 24.03.2007. More dates to follow. Make sure you check out the official MySpace Music website.